How to increase your walking speed: 6 tips to walk faster

Walking faster has multiple health benefits. Learn how to increase your walking speed slowly and steadily to reap its wholesome benefits.

Ever caught yourself mid-daydream, realising you’re the last one in the walking group again? Or maybe you’ve eyed that community 5k run with a mix of excitement and dread because, honestly, your walking speed mirrors a leisurely stroll more than a brisk pace. We all have been there and felt at some point in life. But guess what? There’s a whole world of benefits waiting when you decide to step up your game and increase your walking speed. So, if you are ready to turn those leisurely strolls into power walks, get some tips on how to walk faster.

Benefits of increasing your walking speed

First off, why speed up? Well, imagine burning more calories without spending extra time working out. Sounds like a sweet deal, right? Speeding up your walk does exactly that, and more. It may lead to better cardiovascular fitness, and even improved mood – all waiting just a few brisk steps ahead. Let’s find out more!

how to increase walking speed
Apply these expert-approved tips to walk faster! Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

• Walking faster may boost your calorie burn because you end up walking more distance at the same time or through more muscles by increasing your walking speed
• Amps up your fitness levels
• It even shaves time off your walking workouts by helping you cover the same route in a shorter period.
• Plus, it is like giving your heart an extra dose of love. A fast walk will make your heart rate shoot up to the level of vigorous-intensity exercise. A faster pace strengthens your heart, making it more efficient at pumping blood. And who would not want a happy, healthy heart?

What is a good walking speed?

According to the British Heart Foundation, the approximate moderate walking pace for a person with good fitness levels should be 15 minutes per mile or
9 minutes per kilometre. A fast walking pace or speed would be considered when a person is able to walk 12 minutes per mile or spend only 7.5 minutes per kilometre.

However, this can vary from person to person as fitness levels, age factor and health conditions may vary.

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How to increase walking speed?

Many ways can help you walk faster, and here are some approved tips fitness expert Mukul Nagpaul:

1. Work on your posture

Remember being nagged to stand up straight? Turns out, it wasn’t just to look good. Straightening up opens your lungs, making breathing easier, and voila, you can walk faster. It’s simple yet effective, and yes that is also what our moms have always asked us to do, says the expert.

2. Swing your arms

Swing those arms. Ever noticed how race-walkers look like they are about to take flight? That’s the power of arm swinging. It propels you forward, giving your speed a nifty boost. Plus, it is a low-key arm workout. So, you are up for a double win!

3. Take small steps

Think small steps, that is. It may sound weird, but shorter, quicker steps make you walk faster. It is more about efficiency, finding that rhythm where your feet are barely touching the ground. Taking small, effective steps also does not leave you feeling weary sooner, so you will be able to walk more.

how to increase walking speed
Indulge in strength training to build muscles and improve your walking speed. Image courtesy: Freepik

4. Indulge in strength training

Strength training, including squats, lunges, and other fun exercises, strengthen those leg muscles, giving your walk more power. Because every step should feel like you are pushing off into greatness. And as a bonus, you can say hello to gorgeous legs too!

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5. Remember, practice makes a man perfect

Like any skill, knowing how to increase walking pace, requires dedication. Mix in faster intervals during your walks, challenge yourself, try different walking techniques, or take different routes, reckons the expert. But do not lose persistence when it comes to practising fast walking daily.

6. Get a good pair of walking shoes

You might be blaming your body or stamina for your slow pace, but your walking shoes could be the culprit. Make sure you own the right pair of shoes to walk faster. Your shoes ought to be flexible and lightweight. Also, you need more cushioned shoes for longer walks.

Now lace-up those sneakers and start walking your way to a fitter, healthier you.

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